We're a small team of folk who work behind the scenes connecting the creative with the technical. We work client side and agency side applying technical solutions to digital projects and processes ensuring your creative message is retained in the final product.

Our key services are
Technical Direction, Solution Architecture, and Project Management.

Our experience spans over 25 years in the technology sector, working with asset management systems, interactive installations, web based services and embedded hardware for kiosks and entertainment systems. With a developer history we know we have to keep pace with web and app technologies, and also understand the need to make clear decisions on platforms and frameworks whatever the project.

Our passion is for simple solutions that provide positive results for you and your customers.

Solution Architecture

We can work with you and your vendors to get the best out of the services available. Ensuring your concept stays true to its meaning throughout the process.

We have worked alongside Designworks for IDAIR, Air New Zealand, Etihad, Cathay Pacific and Panasonic Avionics amongst others to create interactives that work well at all levels of hardware capability.

Technical Direction

Once we've confirmed the solution we can manage the technical process for you – liaising with vendors and creatives to make sure everyone understands the possible. We can also provide insights into new hardware technology - making sure you get the most out of what your building.

We have worked with clients and agencies to bring digital technologies like large scale LED Walls, Light Tunnels, Interactive kiosks and distributed in-store promotions for Kiwibank, Spark, Benevolent Society, Coca-Cola Amitil and Unitec.

Project Management

We can also work as digital producers providing project management and technical reviews as well as ensuring that the product has everything it needs for launch. This extends to content loading for websites and apps and product review before release.

We believe in an ever evolving process - launch what you have, build on feedback and polish for the return on investment.